We invest in environmentally and socially positive projects that support innovative, profitable solutions that can contribute to all 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and directly help achieve the environment-related goals.

We assess and invest for both strong IRR and Environmental Rate of Return (ERR) – our quantitative measure of environmental impact – without compromising either.

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  • Business model is proven, repeatable, globally scalable, and has a positive environmental impact

  • Businesses must generate consistent earnings or EBITDA of >$1M, or can otherwise demonstrate a strong commercial adoption and clear path to repeatable and growing earnings

  • Environmental results are core to the business and revenue model



EcoInvestors has developed a quantitative Environmental Rate of Return (ERR) to
measure environmental impact, alongside IRR.  

ERR + IRR = real environmental impact and real returns.


We apply our environmental principles, and the quantification and measurement of 6 environmental categories to derive an investment’s ERR.  We also use ERR in the screening and ongoing assessment of our investments. Here's our rationale:


Highly Consistent - with process, data, analysis and reporting across the industry

Measurable Value - quantitative with clear methods of assessment and target outcomes

Always Net Positive Environmental Impact - with each investment and portfolio as a whole

Broad Scalability - with proven product, service or technology to help achieve environmental SDGs

Attribution - of impact creation and associated timing to our involvement

Long-term Durability - sustainability of impact created over time

6 Environmental Categories


Land and Ocean







EcoInvestors is making U$10-$100M investments in the following sectors:  
Financial Services

Innovative financial products

  • tools or technology to drive sustainability

    • in investment decisions

    • across supply chains

  • loans, factoring, insurance for small producers in large value chains

Environmental asset credit in voluntary or regulated regimes

  • biodiversity/environmental mitigation banking

  • nature-based climate change mitigation through carbon credits

  • water trading systems

Consumer Products/

Sustainable Production

  • sustainable agricultural practices

  • supply chain efficiencies and sourcing protocols

  • wild fisheries

    • protect core areas and alleviate fishing pressure

    • create efficiencies in supply chains

    • assist in replenishing fish stocks and creating sustainable seascapes

  • aquaculture

in situ or land-based approaches that deliver food security without negatively impacting the surrounding environment

  • storage and distribution


Innovative, but proven, products and methodologies

  • reduce dependency on fossil fuels and greenhouse gases

  • displace or replace traditional “polluting” practices

  • supply chain efficiencies

  • waste-to-value


  • Target financial returns of >10% on debt and >20% on equity per annum

  • Reduce deforestation and reliance on fossil fuels

  • Increase health of oceans, forest and wildlife

  • Sustainable management of forests and oceans

  • Improve access to clean and sustainable energy, water and food sources



Real Impact and Real Returns.

We're in for the long haul.
Investing long-term (8-12 years).
We're flexible.

Structuring financing based on fit and need.

We're connected.

Extensive and responsive global network.

We partner.

Implementing on the ground solutions with organizations and companies.   

We're knowledgable.

Deep environmental and financial expertise. 

We're built for success.
Proprietary metrics, diligence and risk management.

As an investor or environmental changemaker seeking capital, join us and help make the world a better place.


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