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Motivated to help clients move from intention to action by increasing their confidence in capital allocation to profitable and impactful solutions.

A timely (re)connection

Nearly 20 years after first meeting in university, Hari and Alex realized that in partnership and without compromise their robust but disparate expertise could accelerate capital flows into credible environmental solutions at scale.


Hari helped guide over 300 environmental conservation and economic development projects around the world and saw firsthand the magnitude of sustainability challenges.  He came to realize that donations and public funding alone could not address them sufficiently – real dollars needed to flow.


Alex completed many complex public and private market transactions but had a personal desire to get off the conventional private equity spinning wheel and create an investment firm that could make our world a better place.


Meanwhile, a combination of technical innovation and regulatory change, alongside a public awakening to the scale of environmental challenges, created a breeding ground for environmentally positive business solutions that are highly competitive and accessible to impact seeking investors of all types and sizes.


EcoInvestors was born out of this urgent need to widen the investor pool, bring partners together and flow capital across the spectrum to high-quality and credible impact product that can contribute to solving global challenges. 


Real financial returns and real impact for a better world are now within reach.

our leadership team


Hari Balasubramanian

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  • Hari Balasubramanian Eco Investors

15+ years creating sustainability across asset classes and industries

Senior sustainability professional with strong track record in connecting capital to impact

Environmental advisory practice has influenced >U$3B

Deep global networks and preferred access to sustainability deal flow

Clients include governments, and globally recognized corporations, foundations and individuals

Previously led Monitoring and Evaluation function at Conservation International

Alexander Singh

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15+ years structuring and executing complex and creative investments and building alternative asset management firms

Senior investment professional with strong track record in asset management, capital markets, and alternative investments for institutional investors


Recognized General Counsel

Practiced corporate law at Canada’s largest law firm

Advised or invested >U$5B